LAT – TRAVEL, is a company with more than 10 years of experience, our founder worked for different reliables travel companies in the most important cities of Peru and Bolivia, so we know these countries perfectly and guaranteed the best customer service.

Due to our extensive experience, We have different styles of tours like classic (comfortable), adventure, expeditions and also programs of hiking, biking, rafting, climbing for all different kind of tastes and budgets. for independent, family or group travellers.

Lat-Travel, cover at the moment all destinations of Peru and Bolivia, we are a service oriented tour operator everything we do is geared towards providing satisfactory travel experience for our clients. Our company has its own newest , very comfortable vehicles and a very efficient communication system. The best transportation.

VISION, to become in a short time one of the best companies in south America known for the excellent quality of service, personalised attention as well as to practice a really sustainable tourism, ecoturism.

MISION, to promoting our sightseeing the popular and the unknown destinations, our riches, to improve the quality of our native communities, conservation of the planet, and of course our variety and delicious cuisine. A new way of turism.